“When a driver breaks down, the tires are part of the equation and if Mr. Taramasso doesn’t understand that…” – Alberto Puig

Repsol Honda manager Alberto Puig believes the option to cut laps at Mandalika could have been applied earlier in the weekend, shortening said 27 laps to 20 laps, then helping to circumvent the problem of blisters in the tires used during the tests.

In addition to shortening the number of laps, the director also mentioned another alternative, which is to do a “flag to flag” race in the dry, like what happened in Australia in 2013, and in Argentina, in 2016.

– Marquez’s accident during the warm-up, in Indonesia, is due to the loss of the rear wheel of his Honda, in the seventh corner of the circuit. Speaking to Motorsport.com, Puig doesn’t believe Michelin was entirely responsible for the crash: I never said that, I said we needed to fully understand the situation and speak to Michelin for clarity and to understand what the plan is in case this kind of situation happens again. But Mr. Taramasso overreacted to my words. I have always considered Michelin to be a very technically advanced company, an industry leader in the development of racing tires for cars and motorcycles. They are competition experts and have spent many years working and achieving huge success in their field and have produced some very good material throughout those years of racing.

Puig recalls that it’s part of his job to clarify his team’s doubts and provide solutions to his riders:

– I have been involved in racing for many years and have come to understand that when a rider crashes and there is no obvious mechanical problem, it is rider error. But in all accidents there are elements that contribute to the accident and the tires are part of the equation. If Mr. Taramasso cannot understand or accept this, then I do not understand his mentality or his approach. You know, there are a lot of people in this paddock talking all day, constantly talking about everything. This is not my case, I speak little, I speak only when I am asked to speak or when I have something to say.

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