TVS Eurogrip unveils new touring and off-road tires

TVS Eurogrip launched two new tire ranges for global markets at the EICMA 2022 motorcycle show. The new releases included the Roadhound range and the off-road focused Climber XC range.

The new Eurogrip Roadhound is aimed at sport tourers and features dual compound technology on the rear radial sizes. The company claims the range offers excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions while offering better handling. The new range will be available from early 2023 with a range of sizes covering both radial and x-ply applications.

The Roadhound range is aimed at athletic hikers and will be available in radial and x-ply sizes

The Climber XC, on the other hand, is aimed at more off-road-centric applications such as motocross, enduro and cross-country applications. The company says the tires were developed with input from motocross and enduro racing and provide excellent traction and lateral support on a variety of surfaces.

“All Eurogrip products are the result of several development cycles aimed at bringing together the best of all tire components,” said Silvio Montanari, R&D activities manager at the Milan Global Product Design Center, “3D modeling and technology FEA-based predictive feedback are complemented by extensive real-world indoor and outdoor testing, stressing the tire to ensure it is properly tuned before being released to market.Roadhound and Climber XC are two prime examples of this. approach, as they have been carefully reviewed at every stage of development to ensure that their performance exceeds riders’ expectations.

As well as the Eurogrip stand, the new range also featured a range of its global offerings, including the E-Torq range of e-scooter tyres.

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