TVS Eurogrip DuraPro Tire Review for TVS Radeon: Introduction

My 2019 Radeon-TV has done 13,400 km now, with trips almost exclusively limited to the city and much of the year spent idling in the garage (thanks to the pandemic). The original rubber, TVS Tires Dura Grip tubeless tires, had begun to show its age with several tiny surface cracks. While I was considering buying some new ones, TVS Eurogrip sent us a set for review – just in time! That’s how we got the new TVS Eurogrip DuraPro shoes for my trusted commuter.

Launched in March 2021, DuraPro tires are intended to provide a balance of on-road and off-road capability. Additionally, it has a rounded profile with mid-sized blocks on the center tread that TVS Eurogrip claims to have arranged in a sine wave shape. The company claims that such a layout contributes to optimum performance in “mixed-road applications.” In order to ensure better cornering grip, it gets a small block design on the shoulder. TVS Eurogrip says the tires are also designed to improve mileage.


TVS Eurogrip retails the front 2.75-18 48P 6PR DuraPro TL for Rs 1,854, while the rear 3.00-18 52P 6PR DuraPro TL is priced at Rs 2,244. Swapping the tires cost me Rs 300 , and the tires are currently being run in, with around 85km covered so far. As I mentioned earlier, my use case is mostly limited to the city, which is exactly where the tires are supposed to shine.

As for my initial thoughts, there is definitely a better feeling of grip, especially on paved roads. The old Dura Grip tended to let go with even the smallest change of direction on such roads while the new DuraPros held their composure admirably well. Wet grip is also better, but I’ll find out once the tires are properly broken in.

We will post another review at around 2000km so until then stay tuned ZigWheels!

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