• Three new models dedicated to urban travel, touring and trekking.
  • Specific HyperBELT reinforcement for urban and extra-urban use, for great protection against perforations.
  • Motorcycle-derived technologies that capitalize on Pirelli’s leadership in the sector.

Milan, (Italy), July 11, 2022 – Pirelli presents Angel Urban, the new range of tires for bicycles and electric bicycles, dedicated specifically to metropolitan and extra-urban travel. The new tires capitalize on Pirelli’s decades of experience and technological leadership in the world of motorized two-wheelers and make their debut at Eurobike, the international bicycle show which begins the day after tomorrow in Frankfurt.

People living in urban areas are increasingly turning to modes of transport that allow them to move quickly, while respecting the environmental impact and a healthier lifestyle. In this respect, the bicycle – whether traditional or electric – has become the preferred means of transport today.

Pirelli Angel Urban is dedicated to the new e-mobility and brings to cycling the great experience of Pirelli in the world of tires for motorized two-wheelers, in particular motorcycles and scooters. An important asset, especially considering that the latest generation electric bicycles are increasingly powerful, much faster than a traditional bicycle and with characteristics, in particular dynamic and cycling, that resemble, more than in the past , to those of motorcycles.

The name of the new range of tires immediately evokes this strong link: Angel, in fact, is also one of Pirelli’s most recognized ranges of motorcycle and scooter tires. This reference is also evident in the similarity of tread pattern and tire profile of the various Angel solutions offered for modern bicycles.

Pirelli’s Angel Urban offers three different tire models, for three different types of users.

Angel GT Urban is dedicated to urban cyclists looking for maneuverability, grip and speed. It is aimed at those who, with their e-bike or, more likely, with a “speed-pedelec”, ride mainly in the city, but do not refrain from occasionally moving out of town, always enjoying the dynamic and sporty driving. The tread with sparse and well-spaced grooves derives from Pirelli’s patented design of the famous Angel GT motorcycle tyre, winner of numerous comparative tests and still the original equipment choice of the most famous sports motorcycle brands, such as Ducati.
It offers dynamism and responsiveness even in wet conditions and great resistance to perforations.

Angel DT Urban is aimed at the pure metropolitan cyclist, who is looking for the reliability and responsiveness of his bicycle tire, in all weathers, on all terrains and in all circumstances of the city. With a tread sip with all-weather characteristics, inspired this time by the Angel Scooter, this tire is capable of tackling any surface or urban barrier, from various road imperfections to tram tracks, and offers a very comfortable, agile and fluid ride; just like its motorized cousins.

Angel XT Urban, finally, was born to explore the limits of the city, to push off-road on easy gravel paths, along the banks or for short bike rides, on the road but also off-road. A true all-round tyre, in the best Pirelli tradition, Angel XT has a tread in the on/off category: well sculpted, but still suitable for long runs on asphalt, with a low-profile central tread and higher sidewalls and more aggressive blocks, for better cornering grip on uneven surfaces. Similar to the Pirelli MT60 RS motorcycle tyre, this design offers on-road handling, comfort and grip, as well as excellent traction in light dirt or gravel conditions.


At the heart of the new Angel Urban Tires is the tread structure. It consists of two different layers: a surface compound (PROcompound Urban) based on silica, in contact with the asphalt, and a thick reinforcement layer underneath, with a protective and anti-perforation function. The formulation of the former promotes driving safety and grip, with the typical precision of Pirelli high-performance tires. The reinforcement layer, called HyperBELT, with an average thickness of 5 mm, offers excellent puncture resistance. The protection prevents debris and external bodies from reaching the inner tube and, in addition to being a physical barrier thanks to its considerable thickness, has a formulation designed to encapsulate sharp objects. In this way, tire puncture is avoided without compromising its dynamic characteristics and maintaining the handling and comfort typical of Pirelli’s Angel line, even on motorized 2-wheel vehicles.

The entire Angel Urban range is ECE-R75 certified, which means it meets the specific European standards required for e-bikes that reach speeds of 50 km/h (31 mph). All tires are also equipped with reflective side stripes, which meet the approval requirements of the European standard ECE-R88.

Pirelli Angel Urban, which replaces the Cycl-e range, is already available for purchase in cycling stores and online. / @pirelli_cycling

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