The difficulties and consequences of racing with Michelin tires according to Miguel Oliveira

Currently, MotoGP is characterized by the smallest differences between the different motorcycles compared to the past. A satellite team rider can, today, win races and fight for championships while a factory team no longer has a guaranteed top ten or top five. One of the factors that led to this event was the fact that Michelin became the exclusive tire supplier for the championship.

Talking about the role of tires in this MotoGP season, Miguel Oliveira even mentioned to that to be fully competitive you need to have the Michelins working in a perfect performance window. Otherwise, the lap times are noticeably different.

“To speak only for myself, I would say that the tires are working at such a high level at the moment – in terms of grip, stability and performance throughout the laps – that it is sometimes difficult to enter this window where they work perfectly, in terms of pressure and temperature. It’s up to the manufacturers, the bike and the rider to adapt to this situation, because we all have the same tires, of course, and there’s no nothing wrong with the tires. There’s a big impact if you don’t run the tires in that optimal performance window,” he said as the caravan drove through the Sachsenring roundabout.

And he continued: ‘I would say it’s the most complicated… and it limits a lot. Driver feedback is all about tires and grip because we all know what it’s like to have lots of grip. And also, we all know what it’s not like to have that extra grip that we need and suddenly we fall into moments that are not competitive and that prevent you from fighting for more”.

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