SD officials give motorcycle safety advice ahead of the rally

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally approaches, serious injuries and fatalities in motorcycle crashes are expected to increase. Officials say bikers need to be especially careful around tight corners and curves in the Black Hills.

A fatal motorcycle crash last week on Nemo Rd. Has officials reminding bikers of some safety tips as the hills prepare for the annual cycling rally.

Tom Horan, regional operations manager at the South Dakota Department of Transportation, said given the Black Hills landscape, riders need to be especially careful on tight turns.

“The reason we have sharper curves is that the terrain they are built into is difficult to build a road, and so they might be a bit sharper, if the riders go off the road then they might have to do facing other things like a rocky slope, ”Horan said.

According to officials, in the past 15 years, nine fatal crashes have occurred at the intersection of Nemo Rd. And Pine Dr.

Tyler Blakeman, a biker from Illinois, said his fellow motorcyclists should be careful of their surroundings this summer, especially when surrounded by larger vehicles. But, says security, goes both ways.

“It’s not that they don’t pay attention, but they’re just used to seeing other cars,” Blakeman said. “So you have to drive pretty defensively most of the time, especially when you’re on those open roads. “

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety has said that in addition to riding defensively, cyclists should slow down on turns, wear protective gear, and never drink and ride.

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