Rival Components Lower Engine Guards for Ténéré 700

Written by Olivia Lussi. Posted in Equipment

I tend to push my Yamaha Tenere 700 to the limits. On my last ride to Taskers Gap in Fort Valley, Va., I badly bumped the bike, bent the shifter, and damaged a case bolt while laying the bike on some gnarly rocks. I couldn’t bend the lever back and oil was leaking from the crankcase, so my day was over. This was not how I wanted to end my day on the trails. Accordingly, I decided to give the lower protection bars of Rival components A try. I generally avoid adding extra weight, but I was motivated to spend more time riding and less time ripping.

These bars are considerably cheaper than competing brands, which at first made me skeptical. However, from what I could tell, they were very similar in terms of thickness, mounting hardware, coverage, and color options. I guess if I was picky I would have preferred the bars of Rival components be stainless steel, but that was not a deciding factor.

The bars are carefully packaged with helpful instructions. To my surprise, they were relatively light, only 6 lbs 3 oz. They are made from heavy duty 1 inch steel painted in a beautiful shade of gloss black that matches the Tenere Perfectly. Installation was a breeze. I didn’t have to remove any plastic or parts for assembly, which made it a quick install. Three bolts and three spacers for each side, and a bit of Loctityand I was ready to go!

The lower bumpers protect everything I wanted, including the crankcase cover, which wouldn’t have worked so well without them. They also protrude enough to keep the brake and shift levers from bending too far. I’ve noticed that anyone with big feet can have trouble bumping into the bars with their toes – there’s not much clearance there.

All in all, I really recommend these bars. They are beautiful, lightweight, durable and easy to install. The lower protection bars of Rival components get a well deserved two thumbs up from me.


MSRP: $219.99

Rival Components T7 Crash Bar 2


  • Affordable without losing quality
  • Relatively light and durable 1-inch steel
  • Easy installation and beautiful elegant appearance


  • Foot clearance; on men’s size 12 may have difficulty
  • No stainless steel option, not a deal breaker, they are nicely powder coated and painted

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