Reverse Components Launches Sag and Sag Indicator 2.0

Press Release: Inverted Components

Super soft, hugging the ground and providing unparalleled traction are some of the characteristics of a well-tuned coil shock. But many riders never use their shock to its full potential due to the difficulties of configuring a coil shock versus air. The Travel & Sag Indicator is a suspension tuning tool that allows you to monitor your travel usage while driving and fine-tune your sag on your coil damper, using an outer shaft with a gasket. toric to indicate millimeters of shock stroke used during riding.

Following the success of our V.1 model, with its back mounted design, we received many requests for an indicator that works with non-standard / non-stacked shocks. The Travel & Sag Indicator 2.0 universal mount is now available, with a new mounting design.

The indicator attaches to the top and bottom of the coil spring – allowing compatibility with all coil shocks including inline and non-standard shocks such as Cane Creek, Ohlins, Push Industries, DVO and more.

With our handy online calculators, you can quickly determine how much sag you are using and calculate the percent sag you want.

With this information, you can more accurately determine if you have the right setup, if you need to adjust your damping, or if you need to switch to a heavier or lighter spring.

Indicator V 2.0 now fits closer to the spring, allowing use on more frame designs with narrow shock tunnels.

The Travel & Sag 2.0 indicator is now available in online stores across the EU and will be available in the US in-store and online from the end of November 21.

The V.1 version is priced at € 26.90 and the V 2.0 is priced at € 33.90.

For more information on the Displacement and Sag indicator and to view the rest of our product line, visit our website.

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