Production shutdown / Harley-Davidson closes factories due to component issues

Harley-Davidson is closing some of its production lines due to issues with components, though those issues aren’t exactly clear.

In mid-April, Harley-Davidson said it was having supply chain issues with semiconductor components, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Instead. an article in the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal says the decision “out of an abundance of caution, is based on information provided by a third-party supplier to Harley-Davidson late Tuesday regarding a regulatory compliance matter regarding the supplier’s component.”

In other words: Some parts that Harley-Davidson buys from an outside supplier (and there are a lot of those on HD bikes) is the cause of this issue, but the Motor Company’s release to investors implies that this is a regulatory issue, not a supply issue.

At least it doesn’t sound like a parts shortage. So what’s going on? ADVrider has contacted Harley-Davidson and at this point has not received a response.

No one has said how many Harley-Davidson workers will be affected, but plants in Menomonee Falls and York are expected to suspend V-twin production for two weeks. The only production continuing there is LiveWire’s line of electric motorcycles, which might give us a clue as to the components responsible for this shutdown. Again, without any word from Harley-Davidson, we can’t tell you if any other US operations or overseas factories are still operating. Absent any indication of a more widespread shutdown in the Investor Bulletin, we would certainly assume that other production facilities will still be hard at work.

The shutdown also affects motorcycle shipments, which means if you have a brand new Pan America on order, expect that motorcycle to be delayed.

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