New River Community College is offering motorcycle safety courses this summer and fall

DUBLIN, Va. – During the summer months there may be an increased number of motorcycles on the road. Cyclists are eager to get their bikes out and enjoy the warm weather, but New River Community College would like to remind everyone to keep safety in mind.

New River Community College is now offering entry-level motorcycle safety courses, which will be available throughout the summer and fall.

The basic multi-day courses of the riding course take place on campus and will include classroom and motorcycle lessons in controlled autonomy conditions.

Riders will learn the basic skills of riding a motorcycle, effective braking, obstacle avoidance, and safe riding strategies.

“You have drills or skill sets where you do figure eights, swerves, quick stops, obstacles to overcome,” said Jeannie Southern, motorcycle safety coordinator for the NRCC. “It puts a strong emphasis on safety due to the fact that you don’t have those barriers in place like you do in a four-wheeler, six-wheeler, eight-wheeler or eighteen-wheeler.”

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The course lasts three days and can be taken on weekdays or weekends. Students taking the course must provide their own DOT-approved helmets.

In addition, those wishing to participate must also be in good physical health, know how to ride a bicycle and hold a valid driver’s license and/or a learner’s permit.

New River Community College experienced such demand for this course that it added additional courses in the fall.

They will start on August 3 and continue until November 18.

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