Motorcycle Safety in North Carolina

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Lamont Mead is not your average truck driver. He prefers to drive something else with a few less wheels: his motorcycle.

“This is my baby, I love this bike, man,” he said, pointing to his modified Harley-Davidson.

What would you like to know:

Lamont Mead crashed his motorbike days after buying it

He is one of more than 3,700 people who have a motorcycle accident every year

Mead took it upon himself to take a bike safety course with the police after his accident

He’s only been riding Forsyth County for about four months, and that was never really in his plans.

“I rode next to Smokin ‘Harley-Davidson, and I was like,’ Man… I want a bike, ‘” Mead said. “So I literally turned around and went to buy a bike that day.”

Mead crashed his bike in the first few days afterwards so he had to wait a bit before he could really start. However, it gave him time to really learn the trade.

“The whole time that my bike was being fixed, I was watching videos, I was learning to ride, I was seeing the best setup, how I want to do it,” Mead said. “And then that’s how I ended up with this setup.”

This setup being a GoPro rig, cell phone holder, and microphone, among other modifications. The look is quite futuristic and has earned Mead the nickname “Ironman” among the Twin City Sons of Thunder, a Winston-Salem biker club.

He uses the platform to good effect, posting many of his riding adventures on TikTok under the username foolish ironman.

Horseback riding does not come without a bit of danger though. According to the US Department of Transportation, Mead is one of the 187,849 motorcycle owners in the state of North Carolina.

According to the NCDOT, he is among the 3,696 people who have an average accident each year in the state.

The highest accident totals naturally come from months with better weather conditions and in more populous counties such as Mecklenburg, Wake, Guilford, Forsyth and Cumberland, which is a bit surprising due to its lower relative population. to others.

Of the nearly 3,700 accidents per year, 172 lead to death on average.

“I fell unconscious, so now I want to take every opportunity to learn this bike, to learn the sport and to learn why it’s good to be safe,” Mead said.

And he learned. We actually met Mead while he was taking a biker safety course with the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Classes are offered statewide through an NCDOT initiative called BikeSafe, aimed at reducing the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities by educating drivers about road safety.

Mead is currently a prospect with the Twin City Sons of Thunder, which means he’s on his way to becoming a full member of the organization. Now horseback riding is part of who he is.

“That first to second to third gear, it’s just like aaaaAAAhhhhh. And then when you change and you grab it, it’s like, wooo, ”he said with a smile. “When you get on this bike, nothing else matters but you, the road and the wind. “

For those interested, Mead gave us the following breakdown of the make, model and modifications of his bike:

“My bike is a 2020 Harley-Davidson (HD) Street Bob, (FXBB).

“My modules are the following:

“Willi G Skull, Grips, Stage 1 Screaming Eagle (SE) Air Intake, Neighbor Hater Exhaust Tips, Front and Rear LED Lights, HD Saddlebags, Saddlemen Step-Up Seat, HD Crash Bars with Stakes HD highway, HD 1/4 fairing. Stage 2 SE, SE pro tune, cam, Willi G air cover and oil cover. “

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