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MCN recently visited the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, where the Big Four Japanese manufacturers rub shoulders with the many small Japanese customs houses. One of the most impressive stands was Moto Corse, which produces big-price carbon fiber specials that are breathtaking not only for their beauty, but also for their prices! Here’s what we found out, you might want to sit down when you see the prices …


For Ducati enthusiasts, Moto Corse had the Diaxel DXC, which had been treated with Öhlins forks, BST carbon wheels, a fully custom titanium exhaust, and carbon fiber component mounts, all for a saving of money. weight of 21 kg. Yours for just £ 47,977.

Or how about the 1299SLC, which started life as a Superleggera and received similar treatment, including carbon disc brakes and a machined clutch housing, to end up at a distinctly salty £ 117,823?

For those on smaller budgets, there was the equally wicked Vyrus 984C3 2V, which is a hand-built carbon fiber bare that uses a tuned 900SS engine. Two swingarms were the least of its features, but it was a cut at just £ 41,500.

Do you prefer four inline wheels? Then you need the CBR600RR, 145kg 986 M2. Looking like the ultimate crossover between a Bimtoa Tesi and a Moto2 bike, it was on sale for just £ 47,400.

Like we said, you might need to save some time before you go to their website. Moto Corse was created in Japan but is also based in San Marino. If you experience hot flashes, you can contact Moto Corse by clicking here …

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