Maxxis Tires on the road to recovery: highest number of tires sold after pandemic

While the pandemic has been a great challenge for everyone, Maxxis Tires is determined to become one of the major players in the tire industry and has strived to make this dream come true.

Maxxis Tires has made a name for itself in the tire industry. But the company does not intend to stop there, it wants to develop further and be among the best tire manufacturers in the world. Since 200, the whole world has been fighting the effects of Covid-19 and Maxxis Tires is no different. We recently spoke to Brian Yen-AVP, Maxxis Tires to find out how the company is doing since the pandemic and what their plans are for the future.

Covid-19 has affected almost every industry around the world, but things appear to be looking up again. Do you see a pickup after the initial hit and what does the demand look like?

The Covid pandemic has created disruption across the world and for all industries. We have worked closely with our suppliers and resellers through which we have accelerated our momentum.

Maxxis achieved the highest original equipment sales after the pandemic with an average tire sale of over 2.4 lakh. Demand has been strong due to the holiday season and also mainly due to the push towards personal mobility.

You want to become one of the top 5 tire manufacturers in the world by 2026. What action are you taking and what plans do you have in place to achieve this ambitious goal in the face of the Covid-19 threat? How does India fit into these plans?

We believe that the Indian market is expected to play a vital role in realizing Maxxis’ overall vision to become one of the top 5 tire manufacturers in the world by 2026.

We are actively working to diversify our pan-Indian footprint, we have on-boarded approximately 800 dealers in the last fiscal year, making it 3,000 pan-Indian dealers. In addition to this, we are further strengthening our product portfolio and have introduced Maxxplore, Extramaxx – 2, M116 – Rib pattern in over 15 sizes and in the sports motorcycle segment. We have also released a premium Extramaxx sports tire for Honda Hornet 2.0, and over 15 sizes have also been introduced.

What is the current split between two-wheel and four-wheel tire sales? Which of the two is a bigger market for you?

Currently, we manufacture commuter and performance tires for the two-wheeler segment in our factory in Sanand and four-wheel tires imported from Taiwan.

Maxxis India is betting big on the two-wheeler market as our current portfolio covers around 82% of the market user scenario and we plan to increase it to over 90% this year. We are planning to produce four wheel tires in India. We are assessing the state of the market and will consolidate our plans as the situation evolves.

Which OEMs do you currently supply tires to and are in talks with other manufacturers to partner?

Maxxis has established a formidable force in the OEM market where our quality and technology have been proven successful in the major products available in the market.

We have partnered with some of the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers – Hero Moto Corp, Honda Motorcycles and Scooter India Limited, Yamaha Motor India, and Suzuki Motorcycles. We are also working on new alignments and partnerships with a new set of OEMs for the two-wheeler market, as well as on expanding our portfolio for the replacement market.

There is a big push for electric vehicles in India right now. Are you looking to capture this growing market share and have you developed special tires for electric vehicles?

As a progressive company, we believe that electric vehicles are the future of mobility and that it is imperative to be part of this revolution. Maxxis has all the technical means and the know-how to develop the most advanced tires for electric vehicles.

I am happy to say that we are one of the best 2W EV tire manufacturers in the world, as we supply tires to Gogoro in Taiwan and Niu in China, both of which are pioneers in introducing electric two-wheelers in the world. world.

In fact, last year we released the M922F which has a particular tire design advantage for electric two-wheelers. The new M922F tire is built with specialized compound technology which has helped us produce lighter tires. This lighter weight in turn reduces energy consumption by five to ten percent, thus improving the range of an electric two-wheeler.

Moreover, as the electric vehicle industry in India progresses, we are focusing on electric vehicles by introducing innovative technologies and features such as low rolling resistance.

What are your plans for your dealer network in the coming days and what are your strategies to reach more customers in the aftermarket segment?

Maxxis intends to expand its dealer network by 5-7% by the end of this fiscal year, which will give us a boost in reaching our stakeholders in every nook and cranny of the country. Currently, Maxxis is trying to set up at least one dealership in a village of over 30,000 inhabitants, which will amplify our presence and improve consumer accessibility for our set of products.

We focus more on protecting the profits of distributors by having a limited volume of distributors. This will avoid any problem of fighting prices in all regions.

On the other hand, we will cooperate with our distributors and partners to carry out CSR activities, like Maxxis in Thailand (slogan: no more hungry students!), To promote our brand reputation.

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