Launch of CEAT EnergyRide EV tires for electric two-wheelers

CEAT has launched specific tires for electric two-wheelers in India. Called EnergyRide EV, these tires are specially designed for E2Ws.

The characteristics and performance of internal combustion engine scooters and electric scooters are very different, hence the need for a different set of tires for electric scooters.

EnergyRide EV is designed to maximize the performance of EV scooters and tires. Electric scooters have higher torque than their internal combustion counterparts. The higher torque is instantly available to the rider when starting the scooter. Traditional two-wheeler tires aren’t equipped to handle that torque and weight.


CEAT’s EnergyRide EV range of tires feature a unique ‘track design’, which provides better high-torque grip and instant acceleration due to improved water channeling. It also distributes the force exerted on the tires evenly around the tire, reducing tire wear and eventually helping them last longer.

EnergyRide EV tires are incorporated with a special rolling resistance compound that reduces energy loss during movement. The low rolling resistance provided by EneryRide EV tires helps an electric scooter save energy and provides the desired extended range for the scooter.

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