“It feels like they have new tires and we used them” – Miguel Oliveira and the feeling of racing against the Ducati

Miguel Oliveira enjoyed his first year in a factory team in 2021, when that season was also the first for KTM without access to concession status. During a year of ups and downs, Miguel Oliveira faced several times on the track riders who ran in the Desmosedici.

When asked what he sees when chasing a Ducati and what it takes to bring it down in 2022, the Portuguese is of the opinion that the Italian motorcycle is quite complete, but not perfect. For the # 88, the feeling he has when racing against a Ducati is the idea that you are racing with worn tires against a machine that appears to have new tires.

“First of all, bikes don’t run on their own, they have riders and they have to understand what the machine needs. Surely [Ducati riders] have a very complete bike. On tracks where you might think they wouldn’t perform very well, like here in Valencia, they are very fast and the feeling is that they have new tires and we [run] worn tires. They manage to be much more efficient in the acceleration and braking phase, and also in the corners, they are now spectacular. It’s almost difficult to fight them, but I still think there is no perfect bike in this category. I think the team, the riders, the technical structure have found a way to work and it looks like the bike is working [well] with three / four different driving styles. You see the official racers and super fast Pramac, even the two rookies from Avintia, and it’s hard to compete [against]. We are talking about six bikes competing for the top ten and that leaves very little room for the others. It’s tough competition ‘, he explained in Sunday’s debriefing.

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