GamStop Launches Gambling Support University Tour

At locations across the UK, The Gambling Support University Tour will interact with students and university staff to discuss the issue of gambling-related harm and the training and support services they provide.

In addition, participants will receive detailed information about the negative effects of gambling and have the opportunity to discuss their personal problems and struggles with qualified professionals.

Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) will promote its Student Hub website, which provides students with a variety of information, advice and support on the subject, and will provide free loss prevention training for university staff, student union officials and protection leaders.

The importance of responsible gambling when considering gambling as a means of entertainment is paramount.

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Some tips for responsible gambling are:

  • Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money. Just think of it as a means of entertainment.
  • Play with money you know you can afford to lose.
  • Set a money limit and a time limit
  • Never chase your losses!

Worcester, Central Lancashire, Northumbria, Bournemouth, Sheffield, Lincoln and Stoke-on-Trent are just some of the universities and colleges that have taken part in the roadshow.

The Scottish Gambling Education Network also visited 18 other institutions in Scotland as part of a corresponding initiative.

After 2,000 college students were surveyed by Censuswide earlier this year for a study commissioned by GamStop and YGAM, it found that 80% of them had gambled, and 41% agreed that gaming had an adverse impact on their college experience would have.

Additionally, 19% of respondents said they use their student loan to fund their gambling, while 35% said they use money from their student loan, bank overdraft, friend loan, or payday loan.

Students spent an average of £31.52 a week on gambling, while 18% said they spend more than £50 a week.

In addition, 63% and 38% of respondents said they gamble at least once a month.

Fiona Palmer, Managing Director of Gamstop said: “The Gambling Support University Tour was a great success and an important initiative for all organizations that took part.

“Gambling-related harm to our college campuses is an issue that is rarely addressed, but for any student struggling with their gambling, self-exclusion is one of the most important tools available, giving them valuable breathing space while they seek additional help.”

“The popularity of the tour to date tells us that gambling harm is clearly an issue that universities are more aware of,” added Daniel Bliss, YGAM’s director of foreign affairs.

“Universities offer their students support on a wide range of topics that are alcohol, drugs and debt. We believe that gambling should be given the same level of attention and this tour helps increase awareness and understanding.”

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