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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has declared that using expired tires, commonly known as tokunbo, is a death trap, therefore users break the law and are liable to prosecution.

In addition, any driver carrying false and falsified documents will be arrested and fined. Likewise, any traffic safety officer caught receiving bribes, as well as any member of the public caught giving bribes, will be both arrested and punished in accordance with the law.

FRSC Sector Akwa Ibom Commander Matthew Olonisaye recently told Uyo.

Olonisaye said the tires expire three years after they are manufactured, adding that anyone driving with expired tires that can burst at any time is endangering their life, as well as the lives of passengers.

In the same vein, Olonisaye deplored the attitude of certain motorists crossing the road with false documents and condescending touts instead of going to the assigned centers. He advised against the act to the public.

However, Olonisaye warned that any FRSC official caught receiving bribes will face the law.

He said: “Giving and receiving bribes is an offense. I take this opportunity to warn my officers against collecting bribes and anyone arrested will be treated in accordance with our laws. “

The sector commander stressed that motorists using false illegal license plates will also face the law.

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