Dunlop: 3 new motorcycle tires on the way


Three new Dunlop motorcycle tires are slated for release in the second half of the year, and with this trio the tire brand aims to create its “strongest portfolio ever”. Planned launches include a retro-styled tire with modern technology, a new addition to the Geomax lineup and a trail tire that “promises to showcase Dunlop’s interpretation for this forward-thinking segment.”

Meridian Trailmax

Details on the latest Dunlop tire for the adventure market will be revealed soon. What we do know so far is that the upcoming product is called Trailmax Meridian and is aimed at riders who have used their bikes as “two-wheeled SUVs” and are looking for solid wet performance. , sporty handling, high mileage and off-road adaptability.

“For tire designers this is a difficult file, but Dunlop has merged the experience of their sport bike development and off-road development teams to create a tire capable of meeting this challenge.” This latest addition to the Trailmax range will be marketed by the end of 2019.

Geomax EN91

This fall, Dunlop will offer a key addition to the Geomax lineup, the all-new EN91 enduro. This new product will be aimed at the enduro competition market, with composition and construction features designed to maximize performance throughout long distance cross-country time trial competitions.

TT100 GP

The retro sport roadster is one of the fastest growing motorcycle market segments in Europe. From BMW Cafe Racers to Yamaha XSRs, the combination of modern performance and a nostalgic vibe has captured the imagination of riders. Dunlop research indicates that many riders want the latest tire technology to match the performance of their bikes, but are looking for a tread pattern with a retro feel to reflect the image of the chosen model.

In August, Dunlop will launch a tire to meet these needs, taking inspiration from one of the company’s biggest racing successes, the TT 100 GP, the first tire capable of reaching an average speed of 100 mph. on the famous TT course.

“Over the past two years, Dunlop has focused on hypersport tires with five unprecedented new tires, all of which received test successes and praise from experienced journalists,” comments Luca Davide Andreoni, Marketing Director, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe . “Behind the scenes, we have also worked to achieve the same heights in other segments. The Trail market is an exciting but stimulating segment. Dunlop has chosen to invest here with Trailmax Meridian – an all new product design for adventure-seeking riders who are waiting to discover something new for their bikes. On the off-road enduro side, the new Geomax EN91 will take the game forward, completing an offer that has already proven to be one of the most competitive on the market. Finally, the TT100 GP will offer a vintage sporty alternative to our existing hypersport range, responding to the classic retro trend that we have seen in the market in recent years.

Edouard Carpentier, Managing Director of Dunlop Motorcycle Europe, adds: “We believe Dunlop dealers will have the strongest portfolio ever offered to their customers by the end of 2019. Dealers and riders can’t help but to to have noticed our pace of development in the hypersport market. over the past two years, but our passion for innovation goes beyond the sports sector alone. These new tires offer a truly global portfolio that offers safety, quality, performance and riding pleasure for every type of rider. Dunlop’s commitment to innovation is relentless. With our victories this year in Pro Motocross, Supercross, Women’s Motocross, Endurance racing and Dunlop being the most successful tire on the 2019 Isle of Man TT, our team builds on the winning mindset that started there is over 130 years old.


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