Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 with gold components will have you stopping and staring

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy has rocked the motorcycle market since its release in 1990. While its muscular looks play a key role in its popularity, equal credit also goes to the bike’s likable driving dynamics and beating heart. .

All of this, however, was a bit understated for Len who got the Fat Boy but wanted to make it dapper and exclusive. So, in search of “dapper”, the owner contacted British custom Harley specialists, Laguna Motorcycles, who, as always, turned the bike into a fascinating beast.


Harley-Davidson Fat Boy ‘Gold Digger’ by Laguna Motorcycles

With no budget constraints on the part of the owner, Laguna Motorcycles really reached out with this project but still retained the charm of the Fat Boy. Starting with aesthetics, the motorcycle bids farewell to its chrome-heavy appearance and transitions into a sinister avatar. From the custom alloys to the mechanics (engine and suspension), everything is blacked out and blends well with the dark gray bodywork.

The crown jewel, however, is the gold treatment (yes, real gold!) on the headlight nacelle, cylinder heads, wheel axle, clutch cover and chain guard, which adds an unparalleled contrast to the whole.

As impressive as that is, the real magic happened in the rear. Gone is the stock fender and 240mm rear tire and comes a 260mm hoop mated to a sleek rear fender sourced from Thunderbike. In addition, Laguna Motorcycles cut the subframe, removed the stock rear suspension and added an air suspension system which is the reason for the bike’s authoritative stance.

What about performance? Things are better here too. The motorcycle has a second-stage camshaft and a custom free-flowing exhaust, both entirely focused on improving performance. Add to that the lower tail and wider wheel, and the Gold Digger should be a rocket off the line.

Finally, rounding things off is custom handlebars, forward footpegs, mirrors, side plates, and a rider-only leather saddle. Not to mention that the bike is also equipped with heated grips for added comfort.

Can you buy it?

No, you can’t because, as mentioned at the beginning, it was a private construction. However, as always, feel free to contact the bike manufacturer and get a quote if you want your bike made the same way. For those without a donor bike, Laguna is also an official Harley-Davidson dealership.


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You can spend as little as a few hundred dollars for a complete set of on-road or off-road riding gear, up to several thousand for high-end brands.

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The safest gear comes from well-known and reputable brands, brands that your local motorcycle clothing dealer will already have in their stores. The best equipment has been certified according to your country’s legislation for safety standards.

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