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Personal News Cycle | May 11, 2022

CrossLinked components have swingarm guards designed for riding in extreme terrain.

They are handmade in the USA by riders for riders and are used by many competitors in the US Hard Enduro series. The guards are thermoformed from 1/4 inch thick HDPE and feature a patent pending stainless steel backing that securely holds the guard in place. Mounts are currently available for 2017-22 KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas dirt bikes with linkage suspension systems.

Cross Component Swingarm Guard Features

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Our swingarm guards are for anyone who rides in extreme terrain and wants to protect their investment. When you use cross-linked component swingarm guards, you can be sure that your swingarm will remain protected from costly cosmetic and structural damage.

We have a number of top riders using our swingarm guards in the USHE series including James Flynn, Joe Nemeth, Kristjan Thordanson, Jason Keuber, Devin Funaro and many more. Plus, we have a great team of test riders, including Hard Enduro life’s Tyler Theuson. These athletes benefit greatly from the peace of mind and durability of our protections. James flynn, a top racer who trains five days a week, has been using our guards for over 6 months (and over 100 engine hours) without fail!

These swingarm guards provide lasting value. HDPE construction is 4 times thicker than competitive products. Patent pending bracket attachment means your swingarm guards will never be left in a bush at the side of the trail. These guards are handmade in the USA by riders for riders.

CrossLinked Components Swingarm Guards

Stop worrying about your swingarm when roaming extreme terrain, coming back to the trail looking for failing guards and losing thousands of dollars in resale value. The swingarm guards have an MSRP of $150. You can find them now on our site and In the near future they will be with niche resellers and a reseller near you!

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