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Calgary Motorcycle Show 2019 - TMW Reviews

Total Motorcycle reviewer Bruce Ross was at the Calgary Motorcycle Show 2019 to cover the premier 2019 Motorcycle Show for our readers! Exciting new 2019 motorcycles, major manufacturers, stunt shows and vendors galore make this a must-read review, whether you’re a die-hard rider, newcomer, curious fan, or just tired of the cold winter weather, you Don’t want to miss this year’s first review of the 2019 show!

The Canadian Motorcycle Show circuit kicked off in Calgary with enthusiastic fans and upbeat salespeople at the BMO Center, Stampede Park. The traveling show continues to mature with the return of favorites such as the Yamaha Riding Academy and the Insane Motorcycle Stunt Show. Canada’s best-known riding instructor, Clinton Smout, was also there to present safe riding tips with his own humorous twist via his headset microphone.

Most of the big brands were present this year with the notable exception of MV Agusta and Royal Enfield. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Enfield’s new 650 Interceptor and Continental GT platform, and we’re optimistic that it will make its debut in Canada soon. But enough of what was missing – let’s talk about what was awesome!

The midsize Adventure segment is constantly being redefined with recent updates to the Triumph Tiger series, the all-new BMW F750 / 850 GS series and the potentially impressive Moto-Guzzi V-85. Bikers are constantly looking for the perfect on-road / off-road location for the adventurer, and lighter, smaller options are starting to emerge. Despite all the competition, it was the new KTM 790 Adventure that stole the show, making its second appearance in the world after its debut at the EIMCA show before Christmas. Physically smaller than the larger KTMs in the 1090 and 1290 series, the new parallel twin 790 appears to be much more suited to single track than its bigger siblings. The low-profile fuel tank is an innovative feature that not only maintains the fuel level on the bike, but also provides wind protection measure, as well as engine protection for the bike. Time will tell if the design can withstand the inevitable knocks it will get in off-road riding, but at the very least, the design has the potential to be a game-changer in the Adventure class.

Not too far behind in the wow factor is the highly anticipated Moto-Guzzi V85. Ergonomically, the V85 is perfect for a 175cm rider with a comfortable saddle and standard cruise control. With initial claims of over 80 hp. In production, this bike has great potential to become Guzzi’s bestseller.

2019-Calgary-Moto-Show --- TMW-Reviews
TMW super fan Paul gets to know the 2019 Moto Guzzi V85

Small displacement / entry level machines

2019-Calgary-Moto-Show --- TMW-Reviews
The Lovely Jennifer tries the Z400 for size

Not all small-displacement motorcycles are exclusively fun for new riders, with some of the more recent examples like the KTM siblings Duke 390-RC390, the Honda CBR 300 Neo Sports Café and the Kawasaki Ninja 400 being examples of larger ones. machines that can entertain bikers of all skill levels. It’s the new naked bike based on the aforementioned Ninja 400 that looks really set to rock the segment. Honestly, I don’t remember a bike of this displacement coming out of the side stand with less effort. With almost 45hp and a weight of under 170kg, this bike promises to be awesome and at Total Motorcycle we can’t wait to ride it.

Another type of sporting advantage

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis

With sports bike sales having been very successful in recent years, manufacturers have crouched down with minimal updates to existing models and several long-standing models discontinued due to lack of sales. New showroom disruptors such as adventure bikes, upright bare bikes, and cool retro bikes have all taken customers away from what was once the largest segment of the market. Without much fanfare, Honda seems to be taking a very different approach in trying to return to the glory days of high-selling sports bikes by reimagining what buyers want in a sports-style motorcycle. As the CBRs followed (or in some cases led) the rest of the industry down the path to more racy specs, the practicality of these bikes was somewhat lost and the appearance of the bikes became somewhat. generic. Fastering around a runway at all costs seemed to have finally lost its marketing luster. Now Honda has redefined what a mid-weight sports bike should be with the new CBR650R, and in the flesh at least, this bike looks fantastic. Almost a marriage of the final CBR600 combined with the outgoing CBR650F, the new CBR 650R has quality components reminiscent of its higher spec sibling and the less extreme riding position of the older lower spec CBR650F. Add to that a paint quality that has to be seen to be fully appreciated, and a view of the engine and the gorgeous header swept to the side and it’s a beautiful bike. The final bonus is the price, and at less than $ 10,000 (Can), if there’s one bike that can kickstart the segment, it’s that bike.

Retro is raging

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Welcome to the party W800 (formerly W650)

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Triumph takes retro performance seriously with the new Speed ​​Twin. Sexy death.

The retro bike craze continues to evolve with higher quality components and, in many cases, performance to match. Often priced higher than their conventional-styled siblings, these retro-looking but modern-performance bikes give you most of the cool, but none of the low reliability of their older ancestors. From the W800 cafe racer reintroduced by Kawasaki to the super sexy semi-retro Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café, there are flavors of performance and style to suit everyone’s retro tastes. This year, the Calgary show didn’t disappoint with both new models and interesting variations on older models that we hadn’t seen before.

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Jennifer plans to replace her beloved Monster with the new Full Throttle Ducati Scrambler!

Segment busters

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis

While other manufacturers seek to differentiate themselves in existing popular motorcycle segments such as retro bikes and adventure touring cars, others are taking risks in trying to create something entirely new. Indian is betting the new FTR1200 will create a class of motorcycles that no one else has thought of playing in, while also building on the massive success they have had in AMA track racing. The first prototype whetted the appetites of enthusiasts when it hit motorcycle shows last year, but the end product could never look as cool as a racing bike, once it got been equipped with pollution control, a real seat and a gas tank. capable of more than a few wild mile turns.

The latest “Segment Buster” is the retro Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and XE models. While it can be argued that the Ducati Desert Sled beat Triumph in the fist, and that Triumph’s previous Scrambler in turn beat Ducati in the punch before that, the new 1200 Scrambler models offer a level of quality components and performance. sophistication never seen in this segment before. With the potential to offer true off-road potential with a nice retro appearance, these Triumphs were generating a lot of buzz in the living room. It’ll be great if it ends up creating a whole new wave of retro jammers with honest off-road intentions.

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Rumor has it that TMW Superfan Paul asked if he could spend a slumber party with his coveted Triumph…;)

Calgary Motorcycle Show 2019 Various People and Venues

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Kim-Diane practices her “I’m going to be faster than my boyfriend Mike” look…

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
The new CRF450L looks badass. Rumor has it that there could be a CRF450L rally in the near future….

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Marie-Linda plans a radical change to her Suzuki Cruiser

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
The new BMW 850 Rallye looks like the company – yet is super wide.

Despite the low seat option, the new BMW 750GS may prove more inconvenient for people with a short crotch than the previous model. The width of the seat can negate some of the advantages of the low seat.

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Something to consider if you are looking at this model.

2019 Calgary Motorcycle Show TMW Avis
Still a main competitor – now more powerful than ever thanks to variable valve timing.

Calgary Motorcycle Show 2018 ReviewThe schedules for the Canadian Motorcycle Show are below. Please check out the upcoming show in a city near you.

Calgary: January 4-6

Edmonton: January 11-13

Vancouver: January 18-20

Quebec: February 1-3

Toronto: February 15-17

Montreal: February 22-24

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