Biggie e-Bike answers biker calls with beefy components and Scrambler styling

You may have heard of the name Ruff Cycles before. It wasn’t until recently that this German team gained attention and worked with Paul Jr. Designs to create a chopper-style electric bike dubbed the PJD-E Ruffian. Now this team is starting over with a brand new electric bike, the Biggie.

The name alone should give you an idea of ​​what to expect from this beast. However, don’t think that this means for mountain riding or even single tracks, it is intended exclusively for the urban suburb and the rider.

One thing that is clearly evident when looking at the bike is its Scrambler motorcycle style cues. A wide, open, handmade frame, long leather seat, and massive tires provide light motorcycle geometry. The massive fork and wide handlebars further enhance this feeling.

However, style isn’t all the Biggie is known for; it packs an average punch in terms of components. Since I mentioned the frame before, let me finish this part of the story. You already know it’s handmade, but you don’t know it’s also made of steel and even powder coated, and we all know the benefits of a good powder coating. The main notable feature here is the lack of a seat tube. This frame can also be mounted with luggage racks, extending urban bicycle applications.

The second part of any electric bike story is the motor and battery system. For the Biggie, Ruff Cycles decided to get their hands on pretty much the best mid-mount motor maker on the market right now, Bosch. Future owners of the Biggie, slated for release in 2022, will have the option of choosing either of the two engines depending on their budget and needs.

A Bosch Active Line with a 25 km / h (15.5 mph) speed limit or a Performance Line CX with 85 Nm (63 lb-ft) of torque and 340% assist are the two motors you can choose from. , the CX being a motor that is even used in ATVs. To manipulate the power, the enviolo TR Hub shifting system is in place.

As for the power of your engine, Bosch finds itself once again with a battery of the PowerPack series, available in 300 Wh from 500 Wh of juice. What you may find interesting is the placement of said battery. Mounted under the seat, this placement helps keep the frame clean and nice, and provides easy access in case you need to remove and charge it in the office. All information regarding power levels, speed, speed and range is all displayed on a Purion screen.

One thing Ruff did with the Biggie, and perhaps the reason for the name, was put those massive tires on the bike. 24 inch or 26 inch tires are available with an extra large 3 inch diameter. If something like cracks or cobblestones appears on your ride, these tires shouldn’t have a problem keeping you going. If you must stop, hydraulic disc brakes will do so even if you are hauling cargo.

Now let’s say the bike has caught your eye and you can’t wait until 2022 to ride. So how much can you expect to pay for one of these electric bikes? Well, they’ll start at € 3,399 ($ ​​4,026 at current exchange rates). Maybe the tires weren’t how the biggie got its name. Nonetheless, this price seems fair, as other bikes with similar components are also in this stage.

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