10 tips to save energy at home and rejoice at the end of the month

Check which electric company suits you best. This is one of the most effective savings tips . For this you can consult a website to save or a comparator, or even the website of the CNMC, the National Commission of Markets and Competition.

Check with your electric distributor which offer is the most appropriate for your type of consumption : night time, flat rate … Also make sure that the electrical power you have contracted fits what you really need.

Equip your home with efficient appliances


The savings power of class A +++ appliances can reach 70% in the case of refrigerators or water heaters, which are plugged in all day.

Choose your washing machine well. A machine with powerful cold programs or ‘eco’ programs will help you save water while consuming less energy. On the other hand, it is advisable to restrict, if possible, the use of the dryer . Dry your clothes in the sun whenever you can!

Control the temperature of your home according to the season of the year


Even if it is cold now, do not waste heating : mark the appropriate temperature on the thermostat – no more than 22 degrees – and do not leave the windows open for a long time: the heat must remain inside the house. And in summer, do not make your home a freezer and maintain an average temperature of 25 ° C.

Make sure your windows and doors seal perfectly. Cold and heat usually escape through small imperceptible slits . Locate and cover them with self-adhesive rubber or silicone gaskets.

Keep an eye on the type of bulbs you use and the consumption of your lamps. Change them by LED lights . They are a bit more expensive, but they spend less and last longer.

Turn off equipment that you are not using completely

Turn off equipment that you are not using completely

The standby buttons do not cut the flow of current to the TV, for example. If you do not want to be plugging and unplugging your TV all the time, place a power strip with a switch that you can turn off and on when you need it.

Do not leave things plugged in if you do not use them. Forget that habit of leaving the mobile phone charger, a dryer or the electric toothbrush plugged in all day. Did you know that the resistance could be damaged? And, even if you don’t believe it, some devices still consume energy?

Always ask an expert electrician. Thanks to his experience, he can tell you in a personalized way where to save on the consumption of your home.